Best All Around Saltwater Fly Rods (Mustn’t Miss)


best all around saltwater fly rodsPlanning a saltwater fly fishing trip? Great, in this article we have pulled in some of the best all around saltwater fly rods that you would love to have. All these fly rods deliver great value and the price? Don’t worry we also took care of that by picking some affordable options for you.

Fly fishing can be very unforgiving at times, the fish doesn’t care what fishing rod you are using. It depends on you to make sure you have capable equipment in your hand right before you hit the water. Otherwise, your fishing trip can turn out to be a disaster.

Picking up the right saltwater fly fishing rod and reel can be a daunting task, especially when there is a plethora of rods and reels on the market. And that’s why we are writing this article. We have made a thorough research on some of the all around saltwater fly rods on the market, reviewed them, compared their features and made a list of the top 6 fly rods for you to choose.

So, let’s get started!


Best All Around Saltwater Fly Rods

Comparison Chart Of The Best Saltwater Fly Rods



M Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

·       This fishing rod comes at an affordable price.

·       It has the mixture of both lightweight and durability.

·       Features a comfortable grip.

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Wild Water Saltwater Fly Fishing Package

·       Best fly fishing combo for beginners at a cheap price.

·       The rod is made of graphite.

·       The package comes with all the necessary equipment.

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Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Roller Rod

·       This rod has a glass graphite construction.

·       Comes at a very cheap price.

·       Highly durable fly fishing rod.

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Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod Combo·       This rod is corrosion resistant.

·       It is very easy to assemble.

·       Comes with a fishing reel.

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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

·       The rod and reel come with an amazing design.

·       It includes most of the needed tools.

·       Highly durable rod and reel.

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PLUSINNO Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod

·       Has a nice design.

·       Works nicely in rough weather.

·       Comfortable grip and portability

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M Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

M Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater Fly Fishing RodLet me start with the one that comes at an affordable price and still offers a ton of features, the M Maxcatch Extreme saltwater fly fishing rod. Moreover, this fly fishing rod is one of the best-selling rods in the Amazon. There is saying like “You get what you pay for” but this fishing rod offers a lot more than it costs.

Let’s take a deep look at its features:

Salient Features
  • This fly rod is made of pure IM7 24T carbon fiber with 5 layers which improved the rod’s strength and sensitivity.
  • The Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater fishing rod has the blend of both lightweight and durability which made it ideal for every angler.
  • Moreover, unlike few similar models, this rods offers accurate, powerful and faster casting. Plus, you will also have better line control.
  • It features a lightweight and durable reel seat which is made of strong airspace graded 6061T aluminum steel.
  • With this rod, long-distance casting gets easier and can have high-efficiency loading.
  • In order to deliver you full comfort, it features a cork handle so that you would have a better grip.

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M Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod 02 M Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

 Features We Loved

  • Lightweight body.
  • Higher durability.
  • Accurate and fast cast.
  • Affordable price.
  • Comfortable cork handle grip.
We Didn't Like
  • The manufacturer could have given a little bit longer casting.

According to the price, the Maxcatch Extreme Saltwater fly fishing rod is the best one you’d find in the market right now. It offers a lot more value than it costs and perhaps that’s the reason why this rod achieved the best-selling tag.

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Wild Water Saltwater Fly Fishing Package

Wild Water Saltwater Fly Fishing PackageAre you looking for the best entry level fly fishing setup? Then you might want to take a deep look at the Wild water saltwater fly fishing complete starter package. This starter package consists of some important equipment that you would need the most right before you go on a saltwater fly fishing trip.

Here are the features in details:

Salient Features
  • This wild water starter package includes 4 pieces 9ft long rod, a large arbor reel, durable backing and leader, a rod case and sock, pre-loaded line and flies along with a fly box.
  • A spare leader, nipper and zinger also come with the package. Plus, you’ll get an instruction book so that you can assemble it better, easy and fast.
  • It is a slow action fishing rod which is why it is best for the beginners. The rod is made of IM8 graphite which is both durable and lightweight.
  • The reel seat is made of aluminum and that is very durable. This rod also features a stripper guide along with the SIC ring, single foot snake and a hook keeper.
  • The fly box that comes with this package is waterproof, floatable and can hold up to 370 flies.
  • 30 pounds blaze orange backing comes preloaded in the package. Features Diecast aluminum spool, reel foot, and frame.

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Features We Loved
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Includes all important items that are needed for fly fishing.
  • Durable backing.
  • Slow action rod.
  • Fishing rod made of graphite.
We Didn't Like
  • The flies might not be suitable for everyone. However, according to the price, I don’t think it’s a major drawback.

This Wild Water saltwater fly fishing complete starter package is one of the best cheap fly fishing combos available in the market right now. This combo package comes literally with all the important tools and each one of them has the highest-quality. It would be a great choice for newbies.

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Fiblink Saltwater Rod

Fiblink Saltwater RodOne common reason why most people go for saltwater fly fishing is that they can catch a bunch of really heavy fishes which is not possible in the river or pond. If that is the reason why you are into saltwater fishing, then Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Roller Rod is for you. In order to hunt down the heavy fishes, you would need something that can hold them nicely and this rod fits perfectly for that job.

Salient Features
  • One great feature of this saltwater rod is it offers high-sensitivity that enables you to notice any light bite or wrestle with big fishes even in deep water.
  • The Fiblink Saltwater Roller Rod has solid glass graphite construction which makes this rod highly durable. So you wouldn’t have any problem while catching big fishes.
  • It features six smooth stainless steel line protector roller guide and also an aluminum alloy wheel seat below the reel seat in order to protect the cap.
  • It comes with slip-resistant rubber shrink tube which will enhance the comfort of the grip.
  • Unlike others, this Fiblink Roller Rod doesn’t have an expensive price tag, it comes at a very low price.

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Features We Loved
  • Highly durable.
  • Heavy construction.
  • Slip-resistant rubber grip.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Cheap price.
We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes the reel seat spins around the rod, which makes it harder to reel a fish.

The Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Roller Rod is not free from the drawback, which is the spinning of the reel seat. It’s actually a serious problem, especially when you are focusing on big fishes. We would recommend this rod only for less than 30 feet deep-water fishing.

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 Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing RodAre you on a tight budget but still want to catch with the bigger fishes of the ocean? Well then, the Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo can be a great option for you. It won’t cost you a fortune and will give you the freedom to hunt down any fish below 10 pounds.

Let’s have a look at its features.

Salient Features
  • This combo has a medium-heavy fishing rod which offers nice functionality and a balanced performance.
  • It is a medium action fly fishing rod which provides smooth, fast and accurate casting. it is easy to manage too.
  • This Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod comes in four-pieces which makes it easier for you to carry anywhere you want.
  • Moreover, this package also includes a 167g fishing reel which is extremely durable and has a classy look.
  • Unlike others, assembling doesn’t take much time. It’s very easy and anyone can do it within no time.
  • This saltwater fly fishing rod is very flexible at the top and it is corrosion resistant.

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 Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod 02 Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod 01

Features We Loved
  • Lightweight body
  • Highly-durable.
  • Comes with a robust reel.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Corrosion resistant.
We Didn't Like
  • The reel seat is little heavy. As you will be catching big fishes with it, any extra weight can be a problem.

The Sougayilang Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo will be a great option for you if you are on a tight budget. Overall it is a nice package for any fly fishing enthusiast.

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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel ComboIt’s not a secret anymore why most people consider this PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo as the best telescopic fishing rod. This rod has an outstanding look like a firearm ready to BOOM! The overall appearance will catch anyone’s eye but that doesn’t mean it offers nothing except design.

Here are the features in details:

Salient Features
  • This PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo comes with almost everything you will need to get started except the bait. Once you get this combo, all you have to do is bait the hook and you are all set to go.
  • This combo package includes a fishing rod and fishing reel, line, lures, hooks, a carry bag, some flies and a floatable fly box.
  • The fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass which made this rod highly durable.
  • It also features a reel seat which is made of stainless steel and that is also corrosion resistant.
  • The manufacturer has installed an EVA foregrip which is slip resistant and you would be very comfortable holding the rod.
  • Even after coming with these much accessories, it is highly portable. You will be able to carry it comfortably anywhere.

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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 01PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 02

Features We Loved
  • Outstanding design.
  • Highly-portable.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Exceedingly durable accessories.
  • Comes with all the required equipment.
We Didn't Like
  • As bait is not included with the package, you need to purchase it separately. We don’t think it will be a major problem.

Undoubtedly, this PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is one the best fly fishing packages on the market right now. Though this combo can be made better in some areas, it is still a pretty good option whether you are an amateur or professional.

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PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

PLUSINNO Telescopic Spinning Fishing RodHere comes another fishing rod from Plusinno: the PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and this is the last saltwater fishing rod in our review. It is considered one of the best collapsible fishing rods that work amazingly in the ocean.

Let’s have a look at the features:

Salient Features
  • The fishing rod is made of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass which makes this extremely durable. As a result, this rod is capable of handling big fishes.
  • In order to offer you full comfort, the manufacturer has installed EVA fore grip which is completely slip-resistant.
  • It features a reel seat which is stainless steel hooded and corrosion resistant.
  • Like the previous one, it also comes with a great design. Furthermore, this rod is extremely portable.

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PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod 01PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod 02

Features We Loved
  • Rod made of carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • Features EVA foregrip
  • Durable reel seat.
  • Highly portable
We Didn't Like
  • We have seen some users complaining about the durability of the rod.

The PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod can last for many years with the right use. If the price fits your budget, you can definitely give this one a try!

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Which Saltwater Fly Rod Should I Buy?

If you are planning to get into the saltwater fly fishing for the first time, then it is highly mandatory to know and understand the types of gear you would be needing. Even if you have been on the fishing for a long period of time and have thousands of gears, it’s still important for you to understand the saltwater fishing equipment because the freshwater fishing equipment is not going to work nicely in saltwater.

You have to choose a fishing rod which is specially designed for saltwater fishing, otherwise, you would end up with a broken rod and a bad day waiting for you at the end.

If you are new to saltwater fly fishing, then choosing the best all around saltwater fly rod can be quite tricky. However, the good news is, you have us. We are going to make it easy for you.

Here are the factors you must check while buying a saltwater fly fishing rod:

Style of Fishing

Saltwater fishing includes various styles. So one rod that can work fine with one style may not with another. People who go fishing in saltwater are mostly surf fisher. They cast beyond the breakers standing on the shoreline.

Inshore fishing is also included in saltwater which means fishing in less than 30-meter-deep water. On the other hand, offshore fishing happens in deeper water. There is another style of fishing which is known as trolling, it means dropping a line from a continuously moving boat.

Before choosing the rod, you’ll need to decide what style of saltwater fishing are you looking for. Only after then you should look for a suitable rod that will go with your style.

Fish Type

What type of fish do you want to catch? Trying to catch a Bluefin tuna with a tiny hello kitty rod is the last thing in the world you’d want. So you have to make sure that you choose a rod, line, and reel which are capable of holding the fish.

It is perhaps the best way to narrow down the selection process and it is very simple too. Choose the type of fish you want to catch and then pick the capable accessories.

The Rod Selection

It is recommended to choose a rod which is both lightweight and durable. In that case, the graphite material fits perfectly as it has a blend of both. On the other hand, there are fiberglass rods too. The major advantage of fiberglass rods is they are easier to control which makes them suitable for beginner anglers.

Moreover, you’ll need to check on the length of the rod too, in addition to the durability. Length of the rod plays a major role in fishing as longer rods can be harder to manage. For choosing the length, you have to know how far you’ll need to cast.

The Rod’s Action

Another important factor you need to pay attention to is the rod’s action. Slow action rods will bend with the whole length of the rod which is easier to control and probably this the reason slow action rods are the best fishing rods for beginners. However, slow action rods only work for small fishes.

Medium action rods are hard in the bottom but flexible at the top and they can manage different types of fish. And the last one is fast action, they are flexible only at the tip which is ideal for catching big fishes. Furthermore, they also work perfectly in rough weather.


Final Words

We have come to an end of this guide. Hope our best all around saltwater fly rods list will help you to get the best saltwater fly rod that is well-suited with your fishing style. We will appreciate any valuable suggestion in the comment box.

Happy fishing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How would I pick the right size of the fishing rod?

Answer: It actually depends on how much deep-water fishing you’ll like to go and what type of fishes you want to catch. Then choose the size that would suit your requirements the most.


Q. What does fast action rod mean?

Answer: Fast action rod means they are very flexible at the tip which is great for catching big fishes. However, a newbie would have a hard time to control a fast action rod.


Q. What is a good rod and reel combo for saltwater fishing?


Answer: If you are a beginner, you can choose the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo package. This package includes all the needed accessories and each of them comes with great quality.


Q. Should I purchase all the fishing equipment separately?

Answer: It actually comes down to your own preference. If you are a professional angler and love to have the customized equipment, then purchasing separately is the only way. Combo packages can be a great starter kit for newbies.


Q. Which action rod is suitable for a beginner?

Answer: Slow action rods are the best option for newbie anglers as these are easy to control.

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