Best Fly Fishing Magnifying Glasses For Your Own Flies!


Best Fly Fishing Magnifying glasses

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MagniPros LED Illuminated Headband Magnifier Visor with Bonus Cleaning Cloth and 5 Detachable Lenses 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X 3.5X - (Upgraded Version) Hands-Free Head Worn Lighted Magnifying GlassMagnipros LEDMultiple Power OptionPlastic BuildHeadband
MagEyes HatEyes #2 2.25x Magnifier Fits Hats [Office Product]Hat Eyes Magnifier LensMultiple Power OptionPlastic BuildHat Clipped
Fancii Headband LEDMultiple Power OptionPlastic BuildHeadband
Magna Flip Clip on Flip up and Down Reader Magnifiers, Converts Distance Glasses and Sunglasses Into Reading and Computer Glasses, +4.50 PowerMagna Flip Clip+4.50 PowerAll Metal BuildGlass Clipped
Clip on Fly Tying Flip Focal w/ Locking Pin and Snap 2.5X MagnificationClip On Fly2.5x Zoom PowerPlastic BuildMulti Clipped
There are many fly fishing magnifying glasses that are pretty good. Here, we have selected five glasses out of the bunch that will pretty much be great for you.


Our Pick: Best Fly Fishing Magnifying Glass For You

MagniPros LED Illuminated Headband Magnifier Visor with Bonus Cleaning Cloth and 5 Detachable Lenses 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X 3.5X - (Upgraded Version) Hands-Free Head Worn Lighted Magnifying Glass
232 Reviews
MagniPros LED Illuminated Headband Magnifier Visor with Bonus Cleaning Cloth and 5 Detachable Lenses 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X 3.5X - (Upgraded Version) Hands-Free Head Worn Lighted Magnifying Glass
  • 5 DISTORTION FREE INTERCHANGEABLE MAGNIFYING LENSES - Switch between 5 optical grade optical lenses using a simple click and release system. Magnification power: 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X
  • COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH: You can put this head mount magnifier on your head like a pair of glasses. Ergonomic frame design. Mirror leg can be removed and changed to elastic band. This headband magnifier glasses has a very light weigh so that you would not feel any burdened or uncomfortable.
  • VERSATILE: The individual lenses /magnifying lenses can be easily assembled and dismantled.Perfect headset magnifier for close up work like dentists,electricians,jewelers,sewing,crafts,beauty,painting and the elderly.
  • DUAL HEADBAND WEARING MODES & ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHTS: Alternate between wearing it as glasses or headband. The included head strap can be attached with ease to ensure a more secure fit. The movable head magnifier lens slot can adjust the distance between your eyes and lens for different needs to ensure accurate irradiation of light source on the surface of viewed object ,making it more convenient in use. This magnifying glass lamp can be used as a headlamp at night.
  • ULTRA BRIGHT HEADLIGHTS: Two energy-efficient LEDs with rotatable angle; turn on or off with a simple switch on the top of the headset (Batteries NOT included)


A magnifying glass is mainly a tool needed by fishers to see properly while creating own flies. Here, we’re going to review some of the best fly fishing magnifying glasses that we think are perfect for your fly & creating tying process.

Before that, let us first see if a magnifying glass is actually important.


Review-MagniPros LED Illuminated Magnifier Visor

The MagniPros LED Illuminated visor is a headband with a magnifying glass attached. The visor comes with the following features:

Salient Features
  • The magnifying glass comes with distortion-free lenses with 5 options for magnification
  • The magnifier is comfortable and very stylish to wear
  • It has an ergonomic frame and mirror leg
  • The lenses can be assembled and disassembled quite easily
  • It has adjustable LED lights and two wearing modes as well.
  • The headlights are ultra bright

MagniPros LED Illuminated Magnifier Visor

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Features We Loved
  • Great Design and comfort
  • Comes with LEDs and Headband form factor
  • 5 magnification options
We Didn't Like
  • Not a great built
Our Thoughts

The MagniPros LED illuminated visor is a great headband with a magnifying glass attached to it. It comes with design and comfort in mind and a 5 level magnification along with LEDs to help you see in the dark. The only downside to the visor is that it doesn’t have a great built.

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Review-Hat Eyes Magnifier Lens

Hat Eyes Magnifier LensThe Hat eyes magnifier lens by Mag Eyes is a magnifier that can be worn with a hat. The lens is meant for anyone who wants to magnify an object placed close to the eyes. It has the following features:

Salient Features
  • The lens gets clipped to the brim of a hat
  • It is kind of perfect for the tackle box, sewing kit or first aid kit
  • It moves with a line of focus, the lens angle is adjustable
  • The design is great with a wide field of vision.


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Features We Loved
  • Great Design
  • Wide vision
We Didn't Like
  • Could be a bit uncomfortable
  • Build quality isn’t great
Our Thoughts

The Hat Eyes magnifier lens comes with a great design and a wide field of vision. The overall quality of the lenses is pretty good but it can be a bit uncomfortable and the build quality isn’t something to boast about. Other than that, the lens is pretty good.

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Review-Fancii Headband LED Illuminated Head Magnifier Visor

The Fancii Headband LED magnifier visor is a great magnifier with features that are very cool to have. These features are given below:

Salient Features
  • It has an interchangeable lens and can be customized with 5 optical lenses with a magnification power that comes with 5 level of customization
  • The visor has a comfortable design
  • It can be worn as a headband as well as glasses
  • The headlights are bright enough with energy efficient LEDs

Fancii Headband LED Illuminated Head Magnifier Visor

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Features We Loved
  • LED lights
  • Two modes of wearing
  • 5 level Customization
  • Great Design and comfort
We Didn't Like
  • Not great build
  • Lightweight design so it’s prone to break
Our Thoughts

Although the Fancii Headband LED illuminated visor is jampacked with a lot of features, it does have a real setback as far as durability is questioned. The visor is pretty fragile and it seems like it’s about to break. Other than that, the product is thoroughly recommended.

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Review-Magna Flip Clip

Magna Flip ClipThe Magna flip clip is converted that converts a pair of standard glasses to magnifying glasses to suit you for your everyday fishing needs properly. It has the following features:

Salient Features
  • It has  a new leg profile that fits both metal and plastic frames
  • The construction is all metal, so the build is pretty great
  • The clip legs have a coating which prevents leg scratching
  • It has a convenient single-hand application


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Features We Loved
  • Great magnification
  • Portable
We Didn't Like
  • Could be lost easily
  • Not a great build
Our Thoughts

The Magna Flip clip is great for what it is. A standard clip that can convert a regular pair of glasses into a magnifying glass. The only downside is that the build isn’t great and it’s ultra-portability just makes it too easy to lose. Apart from that, the clip is very affordable and you should consider it if that’s what you’re looking for in a magnifier.

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Review-Clip on Fly Fishing Magnifying Glass

Clip on Fly Fishing Magnifying GlassThe Clip-on Fly by Wapsi is another cheap alternative to a standard headband visor or a hat embedded magnifier lens. It comes with the following features:

Salient Features
  • It has a Locking Pin and a Snap 2.5X Magnification
  • The clip is comfortable to use and carry
  • The quality is top notch


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Features We Loved
  • Great magnification
  • Comfortable and Affordable
  • Good Build Quality
We Didn't Like
  • Could get lost because of the small size
Our Thoughts

The Clip on Fly has a locking pin with a 2.5x Magnification which is comfortable to use and it has a good build quality. The downside to the Clip on a fly is that it can get lost because of its small size.

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Buying Guide For Fly Fishing Magnifying Glasses

For buying the best fly fishing magnification glasses, you need to take a handful of factors in consideration. These are explained below.


The first thing to notice is the power and what kind of setting does the magnifier provide. Most magnifiers could provide you with multiple options which could be adjusted to your likings while some others come with a standard one power options. See what kind of power settings do you actually need.


The next thing is the type of magnifier that you’d like to use. There are many kinds of magnifiers ranging from headbands to clip on and hat bands. You must buy the one that suits you the most.


You’d want to be comfortable wearing your magnifier. For comfort, go for the one with the least weight and the most.


The final thing on the checklist is the price. You need to see the budget and decide what suits you the best. There are a lot of magnifiers that can cost a fortune but there are some pretty good magnifiers that won’t put a hole in your pocket.



In conclusion, there are many kinds of fly fishing magnifying glasses that you can use. They come in different form factors but they serve a single purpose.  The things that you should look for in a fly fishing glasses are power, type, comfort, and price.


FAQs about Magnifying Glass

Q. What is a fly fishing magnifying glass?

Answer: A fly fishing magnifying glass, as the name suggests is a magnifying glass that helps fly fishers to see clearly.

Q. Is a magnifying glass a necessity for a fly fisher?

Answer: Magnifiers for fishing are very important for many fly fishers. You might need a magnifying glass for tying flies. Perhaps you need one for seeing the fishes while you’re fishing. There are also times while you may need to see the water clearly when the sun isn’t out. Under such low lighting conditions, a magnifying glass can be pretty handy.

Q. What kind of magnifier should you get?

Answer: There are many types of magnifiers available in different form factors. Some can be clipped to a hat your glasses while some come as a headband. It depends on what you prefer. The Clippers are more portable than the bands but the bands generally have a plastic build which makes it a bit more convenient.

Q. What is the correct magnification?

Answer: It depends on your current eyesight. If you have an eye that has a good long-range vision then, a magnification of 1-2x will be sufficient for you. But, if you don’t have that good of a vision then, a magnification power of 2.5x is very much recommended.

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